of Terrorists, History classes and the Economic Crisis

April 29, 2009 at 3:07 am (gibberish..)

Terrorism as we know it today has been rising steadily over the past few decades. It has also been continuously and rapidly evolving. During the past decade, the steady and upward growth of the regions where terrorists and their organizations have manifested themselves has made available funds which were hitherto unavailable. Now one has to understand that terrorism at it’s present state requires access to monetary resources and that too big and large amounts of it. This is because terrorism is being nurtured in areas where the global economic growth of the past decade hasn’t had much impact on and where the people have had to become disillusioned to a certain degree. These places have become simmering pots for terrorist activity where terrorists are thriving on providing amenities which the government has been unable to provide and then reasoning/proclaiming/enlightening people in such a way that they are coming to accept the targets of these terrorists as their common enemy and these targets as the very reason for their for their state of being, which is not very good. It doesn’t help that these well-oiled propaganda machines can also kinder flames using religion as dry wood to the already sunny and dry weather that is the quality-of-life of these people. It also doesn’t help that in these times of moral ambiguity, what one perceives as right might be some one else’s wrong and some other culture’s outright sin. A lack of basic cross-cultural understanding by the powers that be is adding to the chaos all around us.

But then came the economic crisis. Yes, it was dreaded by everyone. Though these winds were being felt for the past 1-2 years everyone was expecting the growth engines in the world like China and India would help in keepiing the global automobile running smoothly. As a result of such precarious thinking by all the financial experts and accountants has made a glaring hole in the ship that is USofA which is barely staying afloat but pulling all the economies that have been somewhat dependent on it.

I am a bit ashamed to say that underneath all this I was feeling glad somewhere in the deep reaches of my small little heart. This is because I reasoned with myself that with the global economy in tatters how can the terror mongers get their hands on money with the same amount of freedom of the past few years to run their schools and other amenities that they have been providing to the people who are sheltering them, and I haven’t even talked about the material costs and operational costs and their own personnel costs for running such an organization. Even though this crisis has been hitting out pretty harshly on many people, I believed that this can turn out to be a blessing in disguise and maybe some 10-15 years later we will be studying how this economic crisis will actually make this world a better place to live in by the way of a natural CORRECTION. I have been a very ardent opposer of Murphy for his law which I find is pretty funny. But it is hitting out on me now. What is happening to this world? how come the terrorists have in fact increased the frequency and magnitude of their strikes. There is an old saying whose origin is not what I am sure about, but it goes on something like this, “Just before death, the being appears to be the most liveliest in it”. I am hoping this saying is true and the fact that the terrorists are trying to slowly take over Pakistan and Afghanistan shows that their resources also have become without any sustainable sources.

I do hope you understand the importance of the present times we are living in, in the historical context of our civilization and how we will yet be evolving.


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